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The Anger & Traffic Psychology Lab

At the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab, we conduct basic and applied psychological research on dysfunctional anger, overt and relational aggression, and clinical traffic psychology. Within these domains, much of our work focuses on the role of personality. For example, we are currently exploring the role of broad models of personality (e.g., the Five Factor Model) and a number of "dark personality" variables (e.g., psychopathy, narcissism) in relational aggression and aggressive driving. We also study a range of social-cognitive and affective factors (e.g., empathy, social anxiety, anger expression, beliefs about the acceptability of aggression, hostile thoughts, driving anger). For more information, please see our Research page.
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Current Projects

Development of a self-report measure of proactive and reactive relational aggression for use with college students

The HEXACO model of personality and Dark Triad in relational aggression

Refinement of the Attitudes Toward Anger Management Scale

Personality and relational aggression in college students: The role of social anxiety

Future Plans

Examples of anticipated projects now in the planning phase include:
  • Dark personality variables in aggressive driving
  • The role of trait emotional intelligence in relational aggression
  • Personality and cyber-aggression
  • Interpersonal jealousy in college students' romantic relationships