Anger and Traffic Psychology LabDirected by Eric R. Dahlen, Ph.D.

Directed by Eric R. Dahlen, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab

Welcome to Dr. Eric R. Dahlen's Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS. The lab grew out of Dr. Dahlen's work with Dr. Jerry Deffenbacher at Colorado State University.

Research at the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab focuses on a number of related areas, including:
  • dysfunctional anger and overt aggression, including physical and verbal aggression;
  • relational aggression, a set of behaviors associated with bullying in which the aggressor seeks to harm victims' relationships and/or social status (e.g., gossip, spreading rumors, social exclusion); and
  • clinical traffic psychology, focusing on the contribution of driver personality to aggressive driving and other forms of unsafe driving behavior.
Students working the lab conduct psychological research in these areas under the direction of Eric R. Dahlen, Ph.D.