Information for Students Interested in Joining the Lab

If you are interested in joining the Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab, you are in the right place. We accept doctoral and master's students enrolled in the Counseling Psychology graduate programs and undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi. We do not offer post doc positions, accept students not enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi, or have paid positions available.

Our work focuses on the broad domains of problem anger, overt and relational aggression, and traffic psychology (i.e., the study of driver personality in the context of driving behavior and motor vehicle accidents). We study many different topics relevant to these areas (e.g., impulsivity and sensation seeking, dark personality traits, emotion regulation, jealousy, cyber aggression). For more information about our work, please visit the About Our Research page.

Graduate Students

Both doctoral and master's students work in the lab, but there are some important differences in how they are accepted. Doctoral students who apply to work with Dr. Dahlen and receive an offer of admission to the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program are accepted into to the lab (i.e., the offer of admission they receive specifies that they are being admitted to work with Dr. Dahlen). This means that incoming doctoral students know whether they will be joining the lab before they accept an offer of admission into the program.

In contrast, master's students are typically matched with faculty research labs by the program faculty after they have been admitted to the Counseling Psychology Master's Program. Once the final cohort of incoming master's students has been identified, program faculty meet to assign students to faculty labs based on students' interests, the number of available openings in each lab, and the varied needs of program faculty at the time. Thus, it is not possible to guarantee that master's students will be assigned to the lab of their first choice.

Prospective graduate students who are interested in our research but have not yet been admitted are encouraged to visit the Counseling Psychology Program website to learn more about applying to our doctoral or master's programs.

For additional information, see Dr. Dahlen's answers to frequently asked questions.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Southern Mississippi can apply to work in the lab, and some may elect to receive course credit for doing so through PSY 491. Availability is limited, and priority is given to psychology majors who are seeking research experience to enhance their applications to graduate programs in psychology or closely related fields.

Undergraduates interested in working in the lab are encouraged to apply early rather than waiting until their senior year. And because we schedule lab meetings late in the semester for the following semester, interested students are encouraged to apply the semester before they hope to begin (e.g., apply in the Summer to start in the Fall).


  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Willingness to complete university-required online human subjects research training
  • Availability to attend our weekly lab meetings
  • Psychology majors preferred
Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab
The Anger and Traffic Psychology Lab is directed by Dr. Eric R. Dahlen in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi. Doctoral and master's students in the Counseling Psychology graduate programs and undergraduate students at the University of Southern Mississippi study anger, aggression, traffic psychology, and related areas.